Global Logistics Show 2018

Press Release

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Shishir Gokhale

Partner and Head Digital Innovation

How do you bring innovative solutions by being a digital technology partner?

MediaAgility is a digital consulting company born in the cloud. With the mission to engineer digital  solutions that help innovators succeed; our full spectrum advisory and implementation services are focused on new paradigm technologies to help customers move to the cloud.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, our team of Google certified specialists have worked with over 1000 customers worldwide. We have helped companies of all sizes with location intelligence, chatbots powered conversational intelligence, real time data analytics and enhanced collaboration & productivity tools that are powered by Google Cloud.

How did MediaAgility strengthen their Location Intelligence operations in NA and APAC?

Maps are becoming an essential part of apps in the consumer space with all of us relying heavily on Maps for finding driving direction and travel time. Google has now made the power of maps available to the enterprise.

With the proliferation of mobile and connected devices, businesses can now have a location context for each of their customers using their app. With this location-aware information businesses can implement creative ways of adding exponential value to their use cases. Use cases include decision making by visualizing business data on maps, ability to provide value-added services based on location of consumers, tracking and mobilizing their field force, thereby improving operational efficiencies, and innovating new business models.

Our Google Maps Premier partnership badge is a testimony to our expertise in the Google Mapping technologies and our focus on our mission.
We have built solutions that demonstrate the power of location intelligence and can accelerate the process of location-enabling your business. More information -

What is the current market scenario of business transformations powered by technology in India?

The business transformations fueled by the Indian technology and business services industry has seen phenomenal growth since last decade, contributing massively to all sections and stature of businesses. The industry now stands at an inflection point in the course of its evolution. The coming decade will be different and advanced from the last one, thanks to radical restructuring of the global economy, rapidly changing customer requirements, strategies, and business models, next generation technologies, and rising stakeholder expectations.

We will start seeing more uberization of services in all industries where businesses will be forced to provide services at customer’s doorsteps rather than the customer having to come to you.

What do you think about platforms such as 'Global Logistics Show’s' contribution to the growth of the logistics industry in India?

Platforms such as Global logistics Show provide businesses a huge canvas to learn best practices from experts who have excelled in their support to the logistics sector and industry professionals who have demonstrated successful case studies by innovating and applying new techniques every single day. Attendees at this show witness some advanced, tried and tested industry strategies that mitigate all business and operational risks and are a sure win recipe now.

MediaAgility is  elated to  participate in  this show and share customer stories and key takeaways for the logistics and supply chain industry particularly in the area of harnessing location intelligence. At this show, we will be discussing the best of breed location technologies to  assist in  planning, tracking,  routing and  scheduling challenges  in the logistics industry as also how other companies have optimized operations and save on operational costs.

What are the major challenges faced by the organizations these days while building innovative digital solutions?

Choosing the right technology stack and implementation partner : Business owners or senior executives are often overwhelmed and perplexed with myriad options that claim to help them operate better. The rush of picking up on right possibilities, successfully integrating them with current systems, and managing them profitably gets tougher after every major technology summit or conference happens!

Reducing costs : Operational efficiency  at  reduced  costs  is  every business  leader’s unicorn! Businesses always look-out for low-cost innovation options where there are minimum or no major capital investment involved and yet it encapsulates the power to revolutionize the industry, generates greater value in a highly efficient, socially inclusive, and eco-sustainable manner — using fewer resources.

Since its inception, MediaAgility has always considered the strategic value of cloud for our own growth and operations. We aim to promote an ecosystem that comes without the baggage of cost, complexity, and rigidity of prior technology.

Delivering optimal customer experience : Given the pace at which digital innovation is disrupting industries, most technology leaders feel intimidated with the pressure to outperform competition with right technology stack that fits in their budget. However, merely choosing right technology provider or resources is not simply succinct, what matters most is about if your organization can detect market desirable change and a solution that delivers best-in-class class experience while successfully meeting users’ requirements and solving their problems.

What are the effects or consequences of Cloud Solutions that may happen in the future?

Lots of Machine Learning ahead!
We take immense pride in being Google Cloud Premier Partner and a digital consulting company proactive in developing paradigm shifting technologies and solutions that are impacting thousands of lives every day. Until now it was more of a big data era; not that it would end or go obsolete, but we believe machine learning is the next layer of programming to be added on to it. This will provide almost a futuristic view to businesses, being able to predict what will happen rather than just being able to retrospect.

Preceding NoOps model

NoOps model is all about allowing developers to focus on user needs and business requirements, without worrying about infrastructure and scalability. The underlying technologies are so sophisticated that lesser operational tasks are required - therefore, NoOps! With technologies that are built for Native Cloud, application developers won’t have to care much about designing, building, scripting, and managing the underlying infrastructure and software.

Serverless is Now and Next

We have come a long way since those days where we had to manage our own servers and worry about  all  aspects of running  that  infrastructure in our premise or a co-located environment, and now with virtualized machines, there’s more flexibility on ramping up and down pretty fast.

Serverless computing has revolutionized application architecture. It can speed up development time  and help to produce more robust applications.  With no servers to manage, infinite scaling, and easier distribution of applications, businesses can tap the benefits of faster time to market, higher scalability and cost effectiveness. The serverless paradigm allows businesses to focus on delivering value to customers, bringing ideas to life, and do much more at significantly lower costs.