Global Supply Chain Technology Summit 2017

Leveraging Technology to Optimise Logistics & Supply Chain
18 April, 2017: Mumbai, INDIA

Session I Effective strategies for supply chain technology deployment
Session Faculty
0900 Registration & Coffee
0925 Welcome Remarks by Conference Chair
0930 – 1030 Supply Chain Technology the untapped potential in India
New supply chain technology can power up existing operations, streamline inventory, and increase revenue—if implemented correctly. Making sure new solutions integrate with existing technologies and processes is crucial. However, the new technology must be fully synthesized with existing policies, practices, and people, however, to tap its full power. How is India Inc moving in this direction and what is the untapped potential for technology providers to partner this growth
1030 – 1130 Transportation and Warehousing Technology for better first mile and last mile operations
In the last few years Warehousing and Transportation Industry has witnessed significant transformation supported by ever increasing demands, new consumption patterns, digital age of commerce and global trade growth. The "first mile" facilities are expanding with e-Commerce boom and the "last mile" facilities are becoming highly localized to support quick deliveries to consumers. Moving forward experts are looking forward to second generation of IoT, Big Data and Cloud based products to further revolutionise the space.
1130 -1145 Refreshment break
1145 – 1245 Procurement and Expense Management Technology to couple cost control and inventory agility
Tech has been critically important to procurement for over two decades, but its importance continues to grow at an increasing rate. Modern technology can drive efficiencies, streamline processes, and enable visibility. This makes tasks more manageable and enables organizations to scale. It also allows for fewer costly errors, enables better service quality, allows for quicker decisions, and lowers the administrative overhead associated with procurement. But perhaps most importantly, technology provides relevant data. The more you know, the better decisions you can make, the better you can control spend, and the better you can manage operations.
1245 – 1345 IoT and Mobile applications for enhanced Supply Chain visibility
One of the biggest trends poised to change supply chain management is asset tracking, which gives companies a way to totally overhaul their supply chain and logistics operations by giving them the tools to make better decisions and save time and money. Asset tracking is not new by any means. Freight and shipping companies have used barcode scanners to track and manage their inventory. But new developments are making these scanners obsolete, as they can only collect data on broad types of items, rather than the location or condition of specific items. Similarly, IoT will impact warehousing, fleet management, inventory operations in significant ways.
1345 – 1430 Networking Lunch & visit to the exhibition
Session II Effective strategies for supply chain technology deployment
1400 – 1430 Technology trends to increase Retail and Ecommerce customers while reducing Acquisition costs
Technology is playing a vital role in the online and instore retail helping with Digital Demand Generation and Growth Services, building integrated retail customer experiences and help companies cultivate loyalty, revitalize sales and maintain the agility to keep up with evolving customer behavior. Learn the latest trends in use to grow customers and reduce acquisition costs.
1530– 1630 Evolving Manufacturing,Service and Operations Technology and the impact on Supply Chain
Induction of smart manufacturing and digital manufacturing technologies is revolutionising the manufacturing sector what the world calls Industry 4.0, how is this impacting the supply chain and how are disruptive technologies like 3-D printing likely to impact in the future. How will the tech providers need to gear up for this evolution in the years to come.
1630 – 1645 Refreshment break
1645 – 1730 Enhancing Customer Relationship Management initiatives through Technology applications
Organizations are working hard on building interactive experience solutions which help brands build more personal multichannel relationships with their customers. Key elements being elevating the outcomes of digital marketing programs and building a customized end-to-end customer experience that drives richer engagement and higher ROI.
1730 – 1815 Latest trends in Supply Chain Analytics
Big data is providing supplier networks with greater data accuracy, clarity, and insights, leading to more contextual intelligence shared across supply chains. Forward-thinking manufacturers are orchestrating 80% or more of their supplier network activity outside their four walls, using big data and cloud-based technologies to get beyond the constraints of legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems. For manufacturers whose business models are based on rapid product lifecycles and speed, legacy ERP systems are a bottleneck.
1815 Closing remarks and end of day 1