Global Logistics Show 2018

17-19 January 2019

Hitex, Hyderabad


New trends in Supply chain Logistics

Most Supply Chain Companies have tried to innovate with the use of Technology but even after having so much power, things go wrong on the Field. India has always been identified as one of the most unorganized markets when it comes to supply chain logistics. To overcome such barriers, we present you with new technological innovation and trends in Supply Chain Logistics that can help you to stay ahead of your Competitors.

1. Big Data

Big Data, also known as Predictive Analytics can generate data from multiple mediums like GPS Tracker, RF Sensors, Mobile Devices that can produce useful insights which can help your organisation to take required action.

2. Geocoding

Geocoding is the process of associating an address or a name of a place with coordinates on the Map. The System automatically segments the address entered by customer into different blocks then try and locate the correct coordinates on the Map.

3. Reverse Geocoding

In Reverse Geocoding, one is able to connect with individual customer via smartphones in real time, grab their GPS signal and translate it in to coordinates when they place an order.

4. Heat Maps

The Heat Maps are enabling companies to identify bottlenecks in their current network by providing information about those areas where maximum delays are happening.In this the operations team can sit and assist their field team to make better decisions on a minute-by-minute basis.